Jul 17, 2015

Hot Talks at Hot art Wet City featuring Boyfriend

HOT TALKS: Boyfriend
July 15, 2015
at Hot Art Wet City
2206 Main St, Vancouver BC

Radius Clause: Boyfriend attempts to measure the spaces between reality and it’s depictions. She’ll trace the radial line which spans the circular feedback loop of media consumption and individual action, looking at how depictions of love & sexuality are perpetuated and justified by mainstream messaging. More specifically, Boyfriend will discuss the motivations, inspirations and references behind her Love Your Boyfriend EP and the tools she used to communicate those ideas. http://ift.tt/1Kc0gVP

Rap Game Bette Midler. English Major Rap. Rap Cabaret. Boyfriend has garnered a collection of buzzy descriptors that attempt to summarize her particular brand of performance. But perhaps, like the Grand Canyon, Boyfriend is best witnessed in the flesh. Catch her at Pemberton Music Festival from July 16–19, 2015. http://boyfriend69.com
on Vimeo: http://ift.tt/1TGtQob

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