Oct 31, 2014

Not sure which mask is scarier.

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Oct 31, 2014

Hot Talks with Leanne Prain at Hot Art Wet City in Vancouver

HOT TALKS: Leanne Prain
October 23, 2014
at Hot Art Wet City
2206 Main St, Vancouver


Sewing Our Stories: Stitch Narratives

Inspired by a series of epiphanies that she had while researching multiple books on textiles, author Leanne Prain will take you through a personal journey of how multiple conversations with textile artists resulted in her obsession with linking the stuff we make to the act of storytelling. Amid the weft and weave of textiles, she has found societal commentary, personal confessions, humor, fictional dalliances, the secret lives of oppressed people, and simple snapshots of individual experiences. She believes that weaving a tale or dropping a thread can take on new meaning when we start to see textiles beyond the narrow scope of functional objects but instead, as an important part of the human experience.

From her research into the many motivations of those who participate in the yarn bombing movement, to a candid interview with a man who learned how to embroider while incarcerated, to a woman who stitches recollections of eHarmony dates on hankies; Leanne will share how she thinks that textiles can serve to tell us about ourselves and the lives of those around us. Talk followed by Q&A.
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